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Photo gifts for Christmas ideas

Personalised photo gifts

If you’re looking for something personal, truly unique and memorable, look no further. A photo of your loved ones, whether it’s on a frame, in a snow dome or in a book, is the kind of surprise that makes people emotional. This year, forget those mass-produced, cold Amazon boxes. Put the love back into Christmas.

Photo boxes and folders

The ultimate photo gift idea for your family. A little treasure chest of memories – the one mums like to keep in their bedside table’s drawer – and a lovely little box, that makes for a perfect Christmas gift idea.

Wooden Box with 10 prints

Wooden Box with 10 prints

Folio box with 10 mounted prints

Folio box with 10 mounted prints

Folder with 2 or 3 prints

Folder with 2 or 3 prints

Christmas decorations

Get these by early November to decorate your tree and your house. They can be customised with your or your pet’s photos and made into a fun little thought for your loved ones – or yourself!

Wooden shapes

Wood shapes

Snow domes and Baubles

Snow domes and Baubles

Christmas ornaments and decorations

Tree ornaments

Christmas Albums

Want to see Grandma cry tears of joy? These incredible objects are by far the most awe-inspiring photo gift ideas for Christmas.

Photo album - black

Black and gold – 10 prints

Photo album - decorated

Pattern – 10 prints

Photo album - red and green

Christmas colors – 10 prints

Christmas Cards


As every year, get ready with the best smile and the best Christmas decorations for your cards: whether you choose to have your photoshoot outdoor, surrounded by the lights filling up the streets of London or to have a set up at home, alone or surrounded by your family, I have you sorted with the most magical experience.

Book a shooting to get the best results, or send your best pictures and we’ll take care of the editing. We can also restore old photos and optimise them for digital printing

Hand-crafted gift bag

All products are packaged in a sustainable fabric bag, customised with your name, to give your Christmas gifts a warmer, more organic feel

Christmas Gift Bag

Get in touch to place your order

Please note that, due to recent lockdowns and disruptions to supply chains, all suppliers are working at half their normal speed. If you’re planning on purchasing customised Christmas gifts, please place your order by mid November to make sure they are delivered on time!