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Engagement Photos

The engagement party, or a dedicated engagement photo shoot, is a milestone moment in a couple’s history. But it can also be a good way to see your future wedding photographer in action, ahead of the big day. Sure, you can see their portfolio, and get a glimpse of their style. However, only by working with them on a small project can you really experience if they’re a good match. They may have a great portfolio, but they may not “click” with you – which is hugely important. Or the other way around: they may be good with words, but not so much with the camera. When choosing your engagement photographer, keep in mind that this is a unique opportunity to see if your potential wedding photographer is right for you. Many photographers include a pre-engagement photo shoot in their wedding package, sort of a couple photos session. Only normally, at that stage, you have already committed with them for the wedding day. Maybe you have already paid a deposit, which makes it difficult to opt out should you want to change for any reason. Therefore, use your engagement photography session wisely!

…on a side note, my pre-engagement package comes with 30% discount if bundled with the wedding.

Ideas for engagement photo shoot

A popular (and very fun!) choice is to recreate your first kiss, or the day you’ve met. Sounds cheesy, but it always works, and it makes for great engagement photos. Although sometimes it might be tricky: the location could be abroad or difficult to reach, or your first date’s restaurant might not allow photographers inside. But fear not. We can recreate that same feeling somewhere else, nice and romantic, with a touch of creativity. After all, all we need is you and your partner.

For example, one of my favourite places for engagement photo shoots is the area around Tower Bridge. It may sound obvious, I’m aware… But there are some hidden gems around that area, that will make your portrait session a real hit. I’m thinking about the Hayes Galleria, for instance. Or the lovely archways that connect Shad Thames with the river walk. Another goldmine of photo spots is the Southbank. Not only for its iconic views – you have most of London’s landmarks within 30 min walk – but for a lot of lesser-known scorches that are absolutely beautiful.

What if you’re looking for something less iconic? Well, have you considered Hampstead Heath? Specifically, La Pergola in Golders Hill Park seems straight out of a movie scene. Romantic, gorgeous, surrounded by nature. You could be excused for forgetting you’re in central London.

After all, we’re lucky enough to be based in the world’s most iconic city. Urban scenarios in the City or in Canary Wharf, breath-taking views of the river at night, gorgeous parks, pedestrian alleyways full of magic… It’s got them all – and more. London itself is the best and most varied background for your engagement photoshoot. We just need to start planning!

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