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Secret Proposal Photographer

The moment she (or he!) says “yes” happens once in a lifetime. It’s easy to forget, but a photographer that isn’t fully capable of handling the situation can actually spoil it. Remember: you’ve only got one shot at your secret proposal.

Firstly, choosing the right spot and the right moment needs skills and experience. Of course you know better than anyone else what could improve your chances of a positive outcome, but there is a number of things you may not have considered. One doesn’t propose every day, after all! But luckily, I have seen quite a few proposals and gained considerable experience, meaning I can provide some sound advice.

Secondly, putting together all the elements (flowers, music, champaign etc.) requires coordination, something you definitely want some help with!

Lastly, you don’t want her/him to spot the photographer and ask: “wait, what’s happening?” That’s why, over the years, I had to acquire some quite impressive camouflage skills. Worth of the MI6. Along with state-of-the-art, paparazzi-style equipment, which allows me to shoot from a safe distance if needed!

Secret Proposal ideas

I still remember the first secret proposal I shot in my career. In Parliament Square, right in front of the iconic House of Parliament in London. A week prior, I was there with the groom-to-be to find the perfect spot, and we arranged all the setup. When the day arrived, he just took her for a walk. Little did she know that I was literally hiding in the bushes nearby. Along with – wait for it – all her family, that we flew in from Egypt for the occasion! I took several photos of her unsuspecting smile from a distance. Then, at the agreed spot, he kneels down and asks the fateful question.(by now I’m casually walking by them, pretending to be a tourist). She is so surprised and happy that doesn’t realise I’m there, capturing the unique moment. She says “yes!”, and her family jumps out of the bushes and run towards her to celebrate! Rarely in my career I saw that much excitement! Needless to say, they all cried tears of joy.

Well… I love it, when a plan comes together.

The element of surprise

Years later, I still feel the same excitement when helping someone with a secret proposal. First comes the fun part, where you choose the location: wether it’s the restaurant of your first date, or maybe a park. I witnessed a very sweet proposal in Holland Park’s Kyoto Gardens (see gallery above), which by the way took my best ninja skills to stay hidden.

Then you need to engineer the perfect situation: the key here is the element of surprise. You can pretend to have a “regular” couple photo shoot, so I’m already there with my camera, when you kneel down. Or you can make it totally unexpected. For example, she’s skating on the ice rink with a friend when suddenly she finds herself alone, the ice clears around her, and you pop up with a red rose in your teeth. Or again, “I’ve found 2 discounted tickets for The View From The Shard, shall we go tonight?” Only when the lift door opens, revealing that breath-taking view, the floor is covered with petals and her favourite song is playing.

In conclusion, there are no limits to what can be done, but if it’s your first time doing this, please allow me to help. My advice can make this step of your relationship truly memorable. …and the pictures we take will make you emotional for years to come, guaranteed!

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