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LUXLife Magazine announced the Winners of the 2021 Global Wedding Awards and I was pleased when I saw that Hiro Arts Photography was selected and rewarded as Most Trusted Wedding Photographer for 2021.

There are only few industries where excellence and professionalism are pivotal in order to succeed, and the Wedding sector is definitely one of them. I think this award focus on those company who hold themselves to the highest standards, with passion and it has to be driven by the couples perfectionism and centrality which are two qualities myself and my style of photography thrive for.

The Global Wedding Awards was launched to recognize the extraordinary work of companies all over the world who shine brightest and exceed sky-high expectations and I am proud to be recognized as part of this group, especially considering the difficulties the wedding industry had to face in 2020 and the majority of 2021.

Following this link you will be able to read my interview, where I had the chance to explain more in depth my way of photographing weddings and where I see myself and my business in the future, as well as see the full magazine where you will be able to learn more about other face of this incredible industry:

LUXLife Magazine: 2021 Global Wedding Awards

I hope you enjoyed the reading and if you want to learn more, you can follow this link to my wedding page and have a look to my portfolio simply by clicking here.

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