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Best Town Hall in London for Weddings

Choosing the right venue in London for your wedding is never easy as there are so many things to take into consideration.

Same thing happens for town halls.

This is the reason why I decided to put together a list of the Best Town Hall in London for your weddings.
In order to create this list I took into consideration not only the beauty of the buildings and the rooms, but also all the different styles.
The intention is show how vast is the range of styles that can be found in the town halls here in London.

  • Old Marylebone Town Hall

The Old Marylebone Town Hall is probably one of my favourite town halls in London.

The Old Marylebone Town Hall has 7 rooms you can choose from and can accomodate, depending on the room capacity, between 8 to 100 guests.

It’s settled in the heart of London, this beautiful town hall is the perfect balance between the classic architecture of the facade with the contemporary and modern style of it’s interior, shifting to a more traditional look of some rooms.

It’s perfect for every taste and gives the perfect backdrop for outstanding photos from the inside and out.

It is easily reachable by public transport as it’s walking distance from Baker street Tube station and Marylebone, although parking is quite restricted in area and the drop off by a rented car or a taxi may be the perfect and stress-free choice.

Last but not least, I think one of the most important features of this town hall is the incredibly helpful team members working every single day restlessly. A praise not every town hall is lucky enough to have.

For Bookings and Infos: Old Marylebone Town Hall Website

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  • Islington Town Hall

From the beautiful marble staircase, to the big decorated window with its colorful glass, the Islington Town Hall, is a unique venue for your wedding.

The Islington Town Hall gives the opportunity to its couples to choose between the Room 99 and the Council Chamber.

The Room 99 has a capacity of up to 12 people and, following its refurbishment in 2022, everyone will be able to enjoy a room with a very modern interior, airy and bright.

The Council Chamber is situated right at the top of the marble main staircase.
It is the main and biggest room of the Town Hall.
It features a circular layout of the seating for the guests, which allows everyone to follow closely the ceremony from all angle.
This room features a high ceiling with stained-glass window, a very traditional look.
It could make you feel overwhelmed at first glance, although because of the seating disposition the couple feels their guest closer, making this room also perfect for smaller parties.

For Bookings and Infos: Islington Town Hall

  • Woolwich Town Hall

The Woolwich Town Hall is the building chosen by the Royal Greenwich’s local government for its administration work.

It’s in the heart of Woolwich Arsenal and a walking distance to the Riverside, this town hall, hold in its wall all its history. Starting from the magnificent Victoria Hall, ornate in pink and white, it’s gorgeous all the year around.

In the Victoria Hall can held weddings and civil partnerships, however that is reserved for bigger parties. If your wedding is going to be more intimate, there is a room reserved for all weddings up to 32 people which is very bight and airy, with a lovely fire place right at the end of it, always decorated by beautiful flowers.

For Infos and Bookings: Woolwich Town Hall 

  • Chelsea Town Hall

The Chelsea Town Hall, is incredibly well connected town hall in London, right in the heart of the prestigious borough of Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

Newly refurbished, this Victorial building is now the perfect venue not only to organize the ceremony of your wedding but also offers the perfect location to your reception.

Overall the whole building provides just the perfect backdrop to weddings, from its iconic steps in front of the blue main door, always adorned by incredible flowers compositions, to its traditional wooden features of the main rooms.

The perfect match for a classy and london style wedding.

Bookings and Infos: Chelsea Old Town Hall

  • Hammermith Town Hall / Clockwork

The first time I captured a wedding at the Hammersmith Town Hall was still situated in the old building at the King Street, which is now under a major re-development of the area. This will take the buildings to be closed for the next 3 years.

Right now whomever what to get married in Hammersmith will be able to do that at the new location at the Clockwork Building.

Personally I think it’s not as grand a classy as the older building, however I am totally in love with the interior of the Copper Suite, the biggest room, perfect for holding ceremonies for larger group.
The facade is more industrial which really makes the building unique and, at the same time, standing out compared to all the other town halls in London.

For bookings and infos: Hammermith Town Hall

  • Southwark Register Office

The Southwark Register office, also known as The Garden Room, is the perfect venue for small and intimate weddings as its capacity is up to 50 guests.

My favourite spot of this venue is the front path conducting the couple along with their guests into the town hall.
It’s decorated by trees alongside the entrance with a small fountain in the middle of the front garden, and two ancient lamps on the side of the town hall steps.

The room itself is always well decorated by bunch of beautiful and colorful flowers, while the main room overlooks a flourishing garden in the back of the venue.

This venue really offers some picturesque settings.

Bookings and infos: Southwark Register Office

  • Mayfair Library

The Mayfair Library is situated in the heart of Mayfair, in the same building of one of the most beautiful libraries in London.

It has two high-end rooms which can be hired for weddings and ceremonies.

The Mayfair Room can seat up to 38 people, airy and bright, it’s high ceiling makes the backdrop of your wedding absolutely astonishing.

The Marylebone Room, which can seat up to 22 people, has a very cozy feeling also thanks to the big fireplace right at the end of it, by the stained glass bay window.

Ultimately, the Chelsea Town Hall is the perfect town hall for small and intimate ceremony.

Infos and Bookings: Mayfair Library

  • Morden Park House – Merton

The Morden Park House in the register office for the council of Merton.

Situated in a beautiful park, it is the perfect place to held your marriage especially considering the gorgeous entrance where everyone is allowed to have their photos taken right after the ceremony.

There is also a well curated rose and flowery garden with a gazebo, ready to be hired upon request, perfect for outdoor ceremony and for beautiful couple portraits.

Their delightful rooms have a capacity between 30 to 100 guests and they all follow a victorian decor.

Infos and Bookings: Morden Park House

  • St George’s Town Hall, Tower Hamlet

The St Georges Town Hall was a total surprise for me the first time I captured a wedding.
It didn’t look as anything special from the outside but it turned out to be a real surprise, with lovely areas creating loads of photo opportunities.

Firstly, the steps right in front are perfect if you want to capture your group photos: steps are not too high, and the entrance is not too grand to make the group photos look too disperse.

Secondly, the interior are classy and simple with a hint of art deco’ in some features, from the main staircase driving the couple and the guests to the ceremony rooms, to the main room itself.
I personally only managed to capture a wedding at the Hamlet Suite, which has a lovely neon hanged on the wall.
But I also managed to peak into the Tower Suite, which is the biggest room holding up to 120 guests, and i was stunned by its brightness and its fine decorations.

And lastly, there is a lovely garden right in the back of the building, perfect for some extra photos for the couple and the guests.

For bookings and infos: St Georges Town Hall

  • Kingston Council

The Kingston Council is situated into the beautiful building The Old Court House, within the lower ground floor in the Guildhall, walking distance from the south bank of the River Thames.

The registry office has two rooms with a capacity between 40 and 70 people.

Each room has a beautiful balance between a modern style for its interior, without losing the typical grandeur of its historical building, reminding everyone stepping into the premises it’s story as Magistrates’ Court.

For bookings and infos: The Old Court House

  • Wandsworth Town Hall

The facade of the Wandsworth Town Hall may look pretty modest in its classical style, however the main staircase is what makes the huge difference when it comes to consider this town hall.

It makes the perfect location for your couple and group photos.
The team members are very helpful from this point of view, and they’ll let you use this location for your photos as long as it’s not abused.

The staircase had some golden insert in the handle and turns around a huge golden pendant, which can becomes an incredible feature of your couple photoshoot if incorporated correctly into the photos.

For info and bookings: Wandsworth Town Hall

This conclude my personal list of town hall I absolutely loved and struck me up until now.
I really hope this gave you a good help in terms of choosing the town hall for your wedding.

If you liked some of the photos and you would like to get something similar for your wedding, get in touch simply hitting this link, or use the box below.