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Freya & James, Destination Wedding in Servigliano - Italy

Freya & James
destination wedding in Italy

The location Freya and James chose to celebrate their love story was Servigliano, a tiny village so lovely and unique that it seems straight out of a movie scene, located amongst the enchanting hills of central Italy. A place where you can breath in the scents of the Mediterranean – lemon trees, thyme, lavender and maritime pine trees – while surrounded by history, poetry and breath-taking landscapes.

I got to Servigliano the day before the ceremony, so I could study the location and scout for the perfect views, and… Well, it was just too easy. The village was entirely made of brick walls, centuries-old wooden doors, small alleys, ancient churches and cobbled squares surrounded by arcades and porticos. One of those “impossible to fail” situations.

The wedding day
Like a theatrical play, all the acts (from the reception, through the ceremony to the late-night party) unfolded on the same stage. The Chiostro Santa Maria Del Piano, an ancient convent completely refurbished, now home to a local restaurant and wine bar.
Immediately after the ceremony, I took them to explore the village. The atmosphere was just otherworldly. It was very fun: moments like these make me feel truly blessed for the job I am so lucky to do.

Thinking back to that day, I recall images of incredibly emotional moments. There were laughs and tears, the hopes for a future full of joy alongside heart-warming memories of the missing ones, speeches and pranks, until the sunset painted a sky of stars over us, families and friends drinking and dancing late into that once-in-a-lifetime September night in Italy.

…and the food, oh my God, the food!

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