5 Reasons Why every Mum-To-Be should have a Maternity Photoshoot

Let’s start to say that there has been a time when women were pretty embarrassed of their bodies during the pregnancy but, thankfully, we past that and now maternity is a moment of women’s lives that needs and deserved to be celebrated.

Below I will list 5 reasons why every mum-to-be should reward herself with a Maternity Photoshoot.


  • ¬†Believe it or not, you will miss your bump:

It may sound crazy now, especially if you are at that point of your pregnancy where you are just tired to be pregnant. Probably you’re complaining about the backpain and sleepless nights. and you’re 100% sure you won’t miss all this. However talking to some of my mums, it turned out you will unbelievably start missing that special connection that happened between you and your baby, every kick, every movement, every hiccup.

You have a life depending on you and you deserve to have something remembering that magical moments.

  • You and people around you will make you feel beautiful

Many women tent to experience a decline in self-confidence during the pregnancy, mainly because they see their belly growing and growing, and the first reaction would be simply hiding and wait for the 9 months to be over. Although what most of the time women don’t focus on is the fact that they are growing a life, which is beautiful, and the only way of enhancing it is wearing something that will accentuate the right curves and enjoy all the “You’re glowing” and “Pregnancy suits you” from your family and friend.

  • It is a moment for you

Get pampered, take the time for yourself. One full day to have that manicure and pedicure you yearn for, have your hair done, wear a dress that makes you feel a princess and, above all, really enjoy this time.

All eyes are on you, this is something you truly deserve.

  • It’s a way to celebrate your family

Whether you have already another child or this is going to be the first one, this is a great way to celebrate your family in that moment of time, freeze in this sweet memory. It will also be a great way of strengthen the bond between you and your spouse (and the other kid/s): we all know how this time can be challenging and stressful for all of you.

  • You will love to look back at the photos while your child grows

From the moment your baby will be wrapped up in your arms, time starts running fast.

You will find yourself missing those quite times when there was only you and your baby bump who wasn’t talking back about whether he or she should gotten a bath or keep playing with the Playstation. That will be the moment when your maternity photos come at handy and you will be able to look at them back, maybe with your now-older child, pointing at the belly and loving that fact that they were in there.

And the only thing they will notice, will be how much joy and love you have in your face while hugging that bump.


In conclusion, the maternity is certainly a stressful and challenging times of a woman life, however I feel like this is such an important moment that truly need to be celebrated.

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