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8 Best parks in London for Family Photoshoot

There are an incredible amount of location that I absolutely adore when in comes to have a family photoshoot in London.
London is such an incredible city with so many interesting corners perfect to create stunning family portraits, especially outdoor.

However as sometimes the most touristy places in London can be a bit overwhelming, along with its streets, I decided to put together a list of some of my favorites parks in London where you can have a quite family photoshoot.

Parks and Gardens, despite being a bit risky in terms of weather (and we know how important is this topic in London), give to the public a certain level of privacy you can’t find anywhere, especially if you choose the right time of the day to have it done.

Follow me throughout the list and hope it will inspire you.

  • Hyde Park, Central London

Hyde Park, is of of the Royal Parks in London set right in the heart of the city.
It is probably one of the biggest in central London, and it is incredibly well connected in terms of public transport but it has also a big car park.

Hyde Park gives plenty of opportunity for activities to do with your family (and that can be captured as well) such as tennis and horse riding around the parks.

But also it has plenty of photo opportunity that could suit every style: from architectural background posing in front of the Kensinton Palace and The Albert Memorial, through the lovers of more classical style given by the statues of the Italian Gardens and the Princess Memorial Garden, to the more adventurous and nature seeker, which I would recommend a stroll around the Kensington Gardens and the Round Pond.

Which one would be your favourite?

  • Richmond Park, South-West London

In the south-west London you can find the great outdoors in Richmond Park.

Richmond Park has wide and open spaces and grasslands, and walking within its paths may makes you feel like you are not even in London anymore.
It’s home and support a wide range of rare species and ancient trees, and many of them can be seen at the Isabella Plantation, however, if you feel more adventurous, you may be able to spot the famous deer herds walking around this Royal Park.

I would definitely recommend Richmond park, not only if you leave nearby, but also if you are looking for a location that has a different vibe compare to the rest of London’s parks, with its balance between rough and wild but also magical and dreamy scenery.

  • Greenwich Park, South East London

I don’t even know where I could start to praise this beautiful park.

Greenwich Park is home of the Prime Meridian, which can be spotted walking around the Greenwich Maritime Museum and is the locations with the most iconic views in London.
Greenwich Park stand out in one of the highest hills in the south east London and extend towards Cutty Sark.

Similar to Hyde Park, this Royal Park give the opportunity of getting incredible locations and different kind of backdrops for your photos.

The building of the Planetarium with its iconic red bricks, the incredible view of central London taken from the top of the hill and the colorful flowers done not only by the Flower, Herb and Rose Gardens but also around the parks (i.e. cherry blossom paths) allow Greenwich Park to be one of the most diverse park for your family photoshoot.

  • Hampstead Heath, North West London

It is difficult to sum up the vastity that cover the Hampstead Heath and what it came be found in this wide park in the north-east of London.

Hampstead Heath is easily reachable from different tube stations if travelling via publich transport and it is home of one of my favourite locations in London called the Hill Garden and Pergola by the Golders Hill Park as well as the Kenwood House.

However, if you feel more adventurous you can get lost walking around it’s wood and take a dip into the Hampstead pools and ponds.

Your child will love running up and down this incredible spaces and will create amazing opportunity for photos depicting your bond within all the family members.

  • Chiswick House and Garden

Chiswick House and Gardens is one of the most beautiful examples of British architecture and gardens with over 300 years of history.

One of the most beautiful location in the West London, the Chiswick Gardens welcomes the 18th century house, which has been used for photoshoots but also music videos and film recordings over the years.

It gives the families the opportunity to have a stroll around the gardens and it is almost impossible to avoid the statues, the temple by the pond or the bridge with its classic vibe.

The perfect backdrop for the classy families.

  • Battersea Park, South- West London

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Battersea Park us a Victorian park built in the 19th century and is a beautiful mix of gardens and paths which creates the right mood in certain seasons.

As many parks in London, Battersea park has a small lake, called Boating Lake, where families can rent a boat and explore around.

The whole park is filled with wooden structures with covered benches which allows for beautiful and creative photos.

  • Tooting Commons, South-West London

Tooting Commons in Tooting Bec is, I think, one of the most interesting hidden gems in London.
This park is mainly structured to be a neighbourhood green area, with few activities for the families living nearby and is less touristy.

Although it needs a closer look, especially if you like the vibe you can find in the woods. There is a lovely pond which create just the perfect backdrops for your family photoshoot and, if you remember to bring over some bread or nuts, you will be able to feed the pigeon or the ducks and get killer photos.

  • Mayfield Lavender Fields, South London

This is probably cheating because technically the Mayfield Lavender Fields are not in London but I decided to insert it anyway in this list.
It is in Surrey however is so close to the other London boroughs that it becomes highly reachable by all londoners. It is indeed a must-go location for weekends stroll when the time comes.

The Mayfield Lavender Fields open on the 1st of June of every year and close down at the end of August in order to enjoy properly the colorful purple of these flowers. During this period of time you can indeed have photo taken in the fields with your family and get incredibly memories.

I really hope you enjoyed this little list of my favourite parks in London for family photoshoot and I truly hope I managed to inspire you for your next photo session with your kids.

If I did and you want to learn more about my family portrait, simply follow this link to check my prices page or make an enquiry.