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Valentine’s Day 2022

How to make this day special.

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and it’s going to be the first Valentine since 2020 where people will be allowed to celebrate this day doing activities, such as going out for a nice meal or for a show in London West End.

Within all these nice ideas, I thought of selecting some that could be slightly different than usual. Find here my Ideas for a perfect valentine: gifts and unconventional activities.

  • Organize a photoshoot at home:

    You spent the whole year creating your nest and it is surrounded by your things and nothing could look more like you and your partner.
    Your home could be the perfect location to capture your love for one another.
    Also, there is another important pro that should be taken in consideration, especially if you are a shy person. A photoshoot done in the warmth of your house will not attract indiscreet eyes from the unwanted spectators walking by the streets, which will help out feeling more at ease.

  • Surprise her with a photoshoot around the city:

    Walk down the path that took you and your partner where you are now. Follow the steps from the first date to the first kiss and tell the special story of you and your partner like it has never be seen before.
    I really think that each love story has a different vibe and path, which means that it is unique one another and I truly think that it should be celebrated.
    You can also choose a specific landmark around your city, i.e. London with the Big Ben which is finally clear from scaffolding since February 2022 and it makes a killer photo.
    For this kind of photoshoot you will probably need to be more open to be seen by the crowd passing by, but every street has a quite spot which means that you can be hidden (at least a little bit) from indiscreet eyes.

  • Propose (if you are ready):

    Let’s be honest here, Valentine’s day is a romantic celebration and on the day of love the proposal is probably the best way of letting your partner know that your feelings are true and you want to spend the rest of your life with him or her.
    The city also seems getting you to propose everywhere you go: shops are hanging hearts from the ceiling, restaurants are putting up the most romantic lights or flowers.
    It is indeed difficult to avoid it.
    Obviously, don’t forget to capture this special moment.For some inspirations about proposals, follow this link.

  • Gift her a voucher for a photoshoot:

    If you are not sure if your partner would wanted a photoshoot on such a short notice or around Valentine’s day, but you know he or she will appreciate it, buy a gift voucher.
    Your partner will then know that you want to do something meaningful and capture your love but giving the opportunity to choose together date and time.
    Although, if you are not a big fan or photoshoots in the first place, it could  be a nice gesture leaving the opportunity to your partner to decide who should be in the photos.
    It could be not only for the two of you, but even someone she loves (maybe her sister or her best friend).

In conclusion…

I hope you will find these tips useful to you and I think that all these are small activities that not everyone think about when it comes to organize something for Valentine’s Day.

It is perfect yo create great memories and something that you will be able to cherish forever.