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How to get a perfect Professional Headshot.



I heard many people complaining about the stiffness of their look and how couldn’t recognize themselves on their professional headshot.

That’s caused by the static and unnatural smiles people are forced to do when it comes to pose for a headshot. It is difficult already feeling natural in front a camera, it gets worst when you have to do it for work purpose.

For this reason, I put together this guide with tips and things to get in consideration in order to get corporate headshots that look professional but, at the same time, you will love.

  • Choose the right outfit.

It is always difficult to choose the right outfit but there are few general rules that, I think, are easy to follow:

  1. avoid big logos and brand on your shirt, jacket or jumper;
  2. avoid pattern;
  3. choose plain colors;
  4. unless you are sure it will really look good on you, avoid bold colors and go for a pale tone.
  • Choose the right time of the day

Everyone has busy schedule and we all tend to schedule headshots in the afternoon after work or in the evening.

However think about how stress can affect your skin. At the end of a working day our faces may show signs of fatigue and stress.

For this reason choosing mornings for your headshot session is the moment to have photos where you look more relax and content.

If you are a woman the make up is still perfect and clothes is still clean.

  • Choose the right length for your session.

For individual: 1 hour will be more likely be enough to get at least 4 changes of clothing and to squeeze a couple of locations.

For teams: count between 10 to 15 minutes per person in each team. On change of clothing only and 1 background.

Extra tip – if you are organizing a team headshot day, try to squeeze in also a group photo, you never know when you will need it.

  • Before your session

Prepare yourself with a little of beauty routine: good night sleep and drink a lot of water the day before.

Prepare your clothing: make sure they are clean and ironed.

If you are not sure about your clothing choices, prepare few extra items to choose with your photographer. He or she will be able to give you the right direction.

  • Try to be comfortable

I can still see the thought forming into each of you head with a big question mark: “how do I do that?”

If you knew, you probably wouldn’t be here reading this article.

Well there are few things that can be done in order to look and be comfortable:

  1. build trust with your photographer: if you feel comfortable with the person capturing you, then you will look comfortable;
  2. wear something that makes you feel good (following the rules above);
  3. laugh: think about something that you find funny and even the more serious expression will look more natural.
  • Outdoor or Indoor?

The result would be slightly different however most of the time you can squeeze in a 1 hour session both styles so you have more choices.

Indoor, studio style: it means you will use a plain color backdrop, normally black, white or grey. It can look a bit boring and outdated but, especially if you will have your session done during winter, you have the safety of a roof above your head.

Outdoor: the background may vary between a soft focus and busy background to a clear landmark from your city or the area you live in.

I have to say that this style became more popular in the last few year.

For example, in London is really popular not only having one of the landmarks such as the tower bridge or the City Hall, but also using the brick walls which has such an iconic look and colors, proper to this city.

Another style that is increasingly becoming popular is having the professional headshot taken indoor in a very stylish location with interesting interior design, which can be sometimes the office environment, but more frequently a private club, a restaurant or a hotel.

In conclusion…

I truly think that with the right photographer and guidance even Professional Headshots can be interesting and people can achieve portraits they truly love.

However, if more questions pop into mind that I haven’t answered above, you can get in touch with me through my contact form.

Or if you would like to experience a different approach to professional and corporate headshot check out my prices or ask for a quote.