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Creative and Unique Ideas to Celebrate

Easter (2021 Edition)

The Easter break is upon us.

The government roadmap to get us out of lockdown unfortunately won’t allow any household mixing by then, meaning that we can say goodbye to our grand plans for Easter Sunday family gatherings, romantic restaurant nights, let alone any weekend escapes abroad (gosh, how we all miss those).

Luckily, by now we’ve all learnt how to make the most of the situation: we can and deserve to make this holiday unique, in the coziness of our homes or outdoors – if the weather allows!

For this reason, whether you are going to spend Easter drinking wine with your other half, or coloring Easter eggs with the kids, I hope this article will inspire you with creative and unique ideas to celebrate the occurrence in the best possible way. Maybe even make it unforgettable.

  • Enjoy an outdoor Easter Portrait session.

The weather is slowly getting better, allowing people to spend more time outdoor and, if we are lucky enough, on Easter Sunday we will all be able to enjoy at least a stroll in our local parks.

Easter coincides with the beginning of Spring, which means the trees and bushes will be full of flowers, coloring the streets and the parks.

From a photographic viewpoint the blooming season creates the perfect backdrop for a lifestyle portrait session, whether solo or with your loved ones.

The blooming season doesn’t last very long, making the Easter break a great opportunity for a shoot.



  • Establish a new tradition: a yearly Lifestyle Photoshoot, capturing Easter Activities at home.

Everyone has their own special traditions for Easter.

Parents spend this festivity organizing traditional Easter activities with their kids and other family members, such as painting eggs or organizing a egg hunt around the garden. Couples and groups of friends tend to book romantic Easter gateways abroad or simply gather for a barbecue. In Easter 2021, unfortunately, none of this will happen.

But this doesn’t mean that we can’t build lovely memories, and what better way to do so than a creative portrait session! Why not capture the fun of your family activities, and maybe send a few prints to the loved ones that couldn’t be with you?

Putting all the lovely memories together in a book or album could, perhaps, make for the perfect Easter gift for your closest family and friends.

  • Dress up with Easter themed costumes for a funny Portrait session.

If Christmas has red hats and glowing trees, Easter has fluffy, pink and white ears and colorful eggs.

There are so many distinctive features that define this festivity, creating the perfect set up for a one-of-a-kind photoshoot.

An Easter themed photoshoot in costume could be a lot of fun for a family with kids. But also for couples, especially if you want to spice up a bit your homey Easter celebration and cozy up with your partner.

So… wear you best fluffy tale and bunny ears and let’s have some fun!



  • Newborn Edition: Celebrate your baby’s first Easter

Every step in your baby’s life from now on will be a moment you will want to remember and to share with your closest family members and friends. However, this year any gathering for your baby’s first Easter celebration might be difficult, if not impossible.

For this reason, a photoshoot would be the best way to capture this important moment for your newborn.

This kind of session could feature Easter props, such as colored eggs placed around your bundle of joy, or those adorable jumpsuit costumes with a puffy tail.

Easter has, like Christmas, some very distinctive symbols (and props!) which immediately identify this festivity, giving it a unique taste that you just can’t replicate at any other time of the year.




Because of this year’s restrictions we won’t be able to celebrate Easter with families and friends. But people still want to celebrate and show each other some love! As a consequence, we’re seeing a massive surge in vouchers and gift cards, as well as online shopping.

With such volumes of online orders in a time when our supply chains are already stretched thin, though, some people might end up not receiving their gifts on time.

To prevent this, there’s an interesting and growing trend that consists of gifting experiences or activities, as opposed to physical gifts. This way you can email the voucher on the day of the celebration, and the recipient can book the experience at a future date that’s convenient to them.

This will give them something to look forward to when the restrictions will be lifted, but also you will be able to donate an experience they might not even think about giving themselves.

For example, by gifting a professional photography service voucher you might be able to give them that input that prompts them to create timeless memories for themselves and their families.

In conclusion, I hope this post has been useful to give you some creative and unique ideas to celebrate your Easter 2021.

And if you think these ideas could suit you, I am happy to let you know that I do offer this sort of portrait session and/or voucher.

Do you want to learn more? Pop a message into the form below and let’s have a chat!