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3 Unique Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day

(2021 Edition)

As every year, Father’s Day falls on the third Sunday of the month in June (at least in UK and USA), and everyone will take advantage to visit their father or simply make a gift in order to honor this date.

As per tradition, this day will be honored by every child giving handmade cards and personalized gifts to their dad but sometimes we want to think outside of the box, especially if you are not at school anymore and what to make something special for your family.

    1. ComposerFamily-7Print your favourite photo on a mug or a mouse pad.

      This gift is for sure the most traditional, but yet timeless present, in particular for a Father’s Day. If you are looking for a funny but still meaningful gift for your father (or you would like to help you daughter and son creating the perfect gift for their dad), this could be the way to go. But instead of buying a mug with a sentence written on top such as “Best Dad’s Ever”, simply check for your favourite photo, it could have been taken with your phone or from a professional photoshoot throughout the years, take the digital file to your local lab and have it printed on an object you know he will use daily. A mug or a mouse pad are the most common gifts for this occasion, but even a desk calendar can be more than welcome.

    2. Organize a photoshoot with all the family on Father’s day.

      This is perfect if you are looking to create a special experience for Father’s day. A family photoshoot can be taken either outdoor, during a picnic in the park, or even in the coziness of your home. Lastly you will create a lovely memory for your everyone but you could even start a new tradition.
      If you are looking for some inspirations, check out my Family Photo portfolio and click here.

    3. Gather all the photos taken this year into a Photobook.

      A photobook is a lovely idea especially if you are looking for something more personal to give to your father as it would gave you the chance to print some very private moments he will be able to look back in the years. Obviously, if that’s the first time you are giving him a similar gift, maybe you could take a step forward and select the best photos taken throughout the years, instead.
      However, it could be a bit more difficult to create a tasteful design for the book. For this reason I would recommend to book a consultation with your local photographer.

    4. BONUS TIP

      If your husband or boyfriend is still not aware of the fact that he will become dad this could be the best moment to let him know using a very sweet idea, coming from the US, which is doing it through a “Pregnancy Revelation” Photoshoot. It will create a first beautiful memory for him and for your growing family.

In conclusion, whether  you are a fan or not of this observance, I feel like these I ideas could be beneficial, not only for the father receiving the gift, but also for the people around him.

On a last note, if you really liked these ideas but you may need support to carry them forward, do get in touch in the form below and ask me more about how I can help you.