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How to create your perfect Valentine’s Day Photo

No matter what is your status (married, single, in love with with your baby, your sister or your pet, with Netflix or your phone) I believe each of us has someone or something that truly love in our lives.
I’m sure some of you have a tradition you’d like to carry on alone or with your special someone.
Certainly the lockdown will slow down everyone’s plans but this doesn’t mean you cannot fill you social media with nice photos to show off  your magical Valentine’s day even while you’re at home.

So here it goes a list of things you can do to make your perfect Valentine’s Photos.



You can spread petals around the floor and the couch or the bed. Even the fake ones look good in photos and are a way cheaper option.




Whether you prefer a heart shaped balloons or simple round ones, I would stick with pink and red tones.



Why not spice things up with a glass of Champagne or Prosecco, or even wine?

Bubbles always give a certain style to photos.


Fill the room with fairy lights (online you can find beautiful heat shaped fairy lights but I find the flowers ones super cute as well).

A good idea could be using them around you and your partner in order to create a cozy atmosphere or spread the string on the floor along with some petals.

Play around, you will be surprised by the results.


For the background you could hang some photos of you, maybe from your first date or your first holidays together, or, why not, all your faves photos together using a string hanger (you can find some with fairy lights included but also some rusting ones with some shapes such as heart or flowers).

Create and show your history, and look back at it with your partner posing and allowing you to linger on the memories: that would be the best way to get some amazing natural expressions!


There is nothing better than chocolate treats to feed to each other when is comes to love: it really does scream a luxurious night is in progress.

The best locations for a shot like this are both the table is you want to do something more sophisticated, but even seated on the floor will do the trick, especially if you have a cozy rug.


What about using some soap bubbles to create something funny?

The Valentine’s day photos don’t necessarily have to be only coziness and making hearty eyes to each other, but it should represent what you are and you relationship.

Therefore if you are a couple that loves to make jokes and what really represents you is you playfulness, then this is what you should do. I always liked the reaction of people when playing with soap bubbles for example, and the guns are so funny and easy to use!


Don’t forget to include your gifts in  the photo and you could capture yourself while opening them with the reaction.


This could be a nice location and it will really set up the mood once stylized with some key features such as flowers and candles.


Does it really matter that you are at home and not in a restaurant?

I say, dress up! Even just for the photo: Dress up and show off that stunning outfit!


Remember that nothing screams “Love” more than red. Red is the color of passion and love, and Valentine’s Day is all about both.


As previously said, this Valentine’s Day celebration will probably be a bit more difficult this year considering the Covid restrictions.

Which means that, even if you are paired, you may not be able to spend the night or the day with your beloved ones and this last tip is for you guys: get dressed, feel fabulous, choose your favorite object and your favorite spot in the house and share your self-portrait.

After all, on the day of love, what is better than love yourself and show everybody you really do?