Newborn Photoshoot Indoor: Margaret, Patrick and Chris - Hiro Arts Photography

Newborn Photoshoot: Patrick, Margaret and Chris

I truly think that there is nothing more appropriate to celebrate Love than a newborn photoshoot.

In November 2019 I had the pleasure of capturing the arrival of Patrick into Margaret and Chris’ life.
Ever since this has been probably one of my favourite photoshoot because in every shot of these two parents you could see the depth of their love for their child.

In this case we took the photos at their old apartment in St John’s Wood, London, not too far from the Abbey Road studios.

At first, we took some very private and sweet photos on their bed next to the window. Afterwards we moved to the sitting room where we decided to incorporate the a painting dear to them. Last, but not least, we moved into the little Patrick’s bedroom, where I asked Margaret and Chris to pose in front of the window in order to get a very soft and dreamy look.

If you like the photoshoot done for Margaret, Chris and Patrick, make sure to get in touch in the form below, and if you may want to read more, why don’t you check out my blogpost about “How to Get ready for a Newborn Photoshoot“.