A non-traditional Maternity Photoshoot in Canary Wharf: Helen - Hiro Arts Photography

An Unconventional Maternity Photoshoot: Helen

When Helen and I had the first conversation about her maternity session, she opened it up saying: “I know that this isn’t a perfect location for a Maternity, but I want to do it in Canary Wharf”.

Indeed, she wasn’t wrong although I love challenges, and I love trying new thing so I said to her straight away: “Sure, let’s do it!”.

I have to say that I love Canary Wharf in general as location for my photoshoot, but I always found it pretty impersonal and cold. But I have to say I was glad that Helen threw this idea because the result is something I’ve never captured before: a mix of modern and dreamy.

During our photoshoot I asked her why she decided for Canary Wharf as location for her Maternity photoshoot, and she told me how much her husband and herself truly relate to the area. Firstly is where both are working (both of their offices are scattered around the high skyscraper of the area) and secondly they were living not too far from there. Basically most of their life was spent around the area.

In that precise moment I started seeing Canary Wharf through their eyes and their stories, and suddenly it wasn’t cold at all. In fact it was welcome and filled up with memories and joy, like the one pictured in Helen face while holding her baby bump.

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